Best Cat Litters to Consider in 2020

There are no two ways around it. If you have an inside cat, you’ll have to find a way to discard its waste. There are alternatives to the common litter box, but unless you have a suitable cat and a lot of duration on your hands, training him to use the toilet paper is perhaps not going to take place.

You’ll have the least effect on your life by using kitten litter to eliminate the odour and unhygienic conditions of your cat’s bathroom habits.

Spooning the garbage out each day will resist your home from smelling and, if you pluck a good setting and high-quality cat litter, you may be able to propel the clean up for a limited period of time. If you need support training your cat to try his litter box, take a view out at our how-to guide and be convinced to check out our review of the best quality cat litter box, if you want a quality litter box.

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Pretty Litter

PrettyLitter changes color to tell cat owners when their cat has a potential health issue, so you can get them help before it becomes an urgent medical situation. Cat owners can get their cat help before it becomes an urgent medical situation, saving them from expensive vet bills and the heartache of losing a cat.

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During our research, Pretty Litter was the best litter for cats because of the lightweight and ability to figure out when cats are suffering from a problem so that you can bring them to vet and get situation under control.

Why We Picked Pretty Litter

✅ Advanced Odor Control
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✅ Monitors Your Cat's Health
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Best Cat Litters

Cats also prove to be good listeners. You can share your feelings and thoughts with them. Even though they can't speak to you as humans do, they will console you with their purrs. You feel relaxed after sharing all your sadness with your companions.

They listen to you as humans do. It is scientifically proven that the purring of the cats makes you heal faster if you have anything like an injury. Cats usually purr when they are happy. They also purr when they are in pain too. But it is quite interesting to know that the purring of cats helps humans to heal faster.

Keeping a cat as a pet takes less effort when compared with keeping a dog as a pet. Scientific researches tell that cat owners tend to recover from any heart ailments quite easily when compared with the persons who do not own a cat.

Cat owners prove to have a healthier heart when compared to other humans. This is because having a cat as a pet reduces your stress and anxiety.

It is said that the kids who grow along with a pet at home and the kids who take care of pets tend to be more responsible adults when they grow.

These kids grow as more responsible adults when compared with the other kids. Cats prove to be one of the best options when you try to choose a pet for your kids. Owning a cat as a pet helps you to recover from a loss more easily. Since cats are good listeners and are good at reducing stress and anxiety, they help you to recover from a great loss. You can share your feelings with them quite freely as they just listen and console you with a purr. And also, they don't judge you as humans do.

Now it is clear that having a cat as a pet proves to be one of the healthiest things that humans do. But we should also provide the cat with a better environment. We also need certain things to have a cat as a pet with us. We need things such as carriers, food and water bowls, beds for the cats to sleep, litter boxes, toys, etc.,

Among the above-mentioned things, cat litter is one of the important things a cat owner needs to grow the cat in a healthier environment. Let’s have a closer look at choosing the best cat litter for your cats.

The cat owners strive to stimulate the natural instincts of the cats. One of the natural instincts of the cats is hiding their scent by burying their wastes. Thus, when the cat owners strive to stimulate this natural instinct of the cats, they need something called cat litter. Cat litter is nothing but materials made of clay or paper pellets or silica-based crystals.

Cat litters are used to stimulate the natural instinct of the cats. The cat litter is spread over in a litter box. And the cats are allowed to excrete their wastes and bury them with the litter. This litter absorbs the odor of their wastes and it also satisfies the natural instinct of the cats.

When the cat owners strive to choose the best cat litter for their cats, they should look for certain features of the cat litter. Vets also suggest a variety of cat litters for the cats. Let’s have a closer look at the different brands of cat litters that are available in the market. This analysis will help you to choose the best cat litter for your cats.

Some of the best brands of cat litter that is suggested by the vets are World's Best Cat Litter, Tidy Cats, Dr. Elsey's Cat Attract, Arm & Hammer, Weruva, sWheat Scoop Multi-Cat, etc., Now let's have a detailed analysis of these products so that you can opt the best cat litter for your cats.

World’s Best Cat Litter

This cat litter is one of the best cat litter available in the market. This cat litter is unscented and clumping. It is quite natural and is made of corn kernels. As the name suggests, this is one of the best things a cat owner can give for his/her cat. The users of this particular cat say that this cat litter is best at cutting down the odor of the wastes.

This is an unscented litter specially made for cats. It is made of corns. It has many features which will give a good environment for your cats. It has long-lasting odor control and keeps the litter box quite fresh for a long time. This litter leaves less mess as it is quite good at quick clumping and makes it easy to scoop.

This litter is proved to be safer for septic and sewer systems. It is flushable. World's Best Cat Litter is quite light in weight. It is free of silica dust and makes it easy to breathe for both the cat and the cat owner. It contains no harmful chemicals or artificial scents. It is also an environment-friendly cat litter.

Tidy Cats

Tidy Cats is famous for many of its features. Cat owners strive to use this litter mainly because of its lightweight. It is also quite good at locking the odor of the wastes. It is also quite friendly with cats with allergies. Because of these features, this cat litter tends to be the choice of most vets and cat owners.

This litter has a guaranteed TidyLock technology which cuts down the odor and keeps the litter box fresh for the cats to breathe easily. It also contains an Ammonia Blocker that keeps the ammonia odors away from the home. This keeps the home smelling fresh.

This light-weight litter is made in such a way that it forms tight, strong clumps. This helps in easy cleaning.

The unscented formula of this litter is made with no artificial fragrances or dyes. The TidyLock technology contains activated charcoal to absorb the odors. The Ammonic Blocker in the litter keeps the ammonia odor away from the home for nearly two weeks and this keeps the home smelling clean.

This litter keeps the maintenance of the litter box quite easy as the moisture-absorbing technology of the litter forms strong and tight clumps. The litter material is made of clay. Thus, Tidy Cats proves to be one of the most used cat litters among the other brands.

Dr. Elsey’s Cat Attract

This litter is quite useful for the cats that are learning how to use the litter box. As this litter contains a blend of herbs, it attracts the cats a lot. This litter makes the cats learn to use the litter boxes. This litter also provides some sort of help to cats with behavioral issues.

It is a problem with cat training litter. This litter proves to be a savior for the cat owners who worry about their cats not using the litter boxes. The litter is a blend of natural herb attractants. One of the main problems of the cat owners is that their cats are not much into using the litter boxes. This litter proves to be a wonderful solution for such problems.

This is the first cat litter made to address the cats with problems. This litter also comes with a booklet that provides solutions for the problems of the cat owners with the litter box. It has superior odor control and hard clumping formula.

When compared with other cat litters this litter from Dr. Elsey's has some unique features. Its herbal scent, good texture, and size of the particles attract the cats to the litter box.

Arm & Hammer

Some cats are sensitive to dust and they are prone to many allergies and asthma. To keep these cats healthier and safer, vets suggest using a litter that contains low or no dust. Arm & Hammer cat litter proves to one of the safer litters for cats and kitties which are sensitive to dust and are prone to infections and allergies.

Cat owners keep the litter boxes in the bathrooms. So, it becomes uneasy for the cat owners along with the cats to breathe if they use litters that produce dust when the cats dig the litter. Hence, it becomes more pleasant for the cat owners to use this totally-dust free litter which also has much power in controlling the odor. It is an expert in eliminating the odor. And so, it keeps the home fresh for a long time.

It guarantees seven days of odor protection. The baking soda in the litter destroys the odor on contact. Moisture-activated micro granules seal the odor. The low-dusting and strong clumping formula make the process of cleaning up quite easier and comfortable to do. It creates solid clumps like rocks and reduces tracking which does not result in the spreading of the litter throughout the house.

The litter is made up of micro-particles which makes your cat feel softer and it provides much comfort to the cats.


Weruva is an environment-friendly cat litter. This litter is of biodegradable variety that doesn't harm the environment. Weruva is a cat litter that is a blend of hinoki (cypress) wood and green tea. The hinoki is quite natural and is good at controlling and locking up the odors.

This litter is flushable which proves to be one of the main advantages. Another unique feature of this litter is that it doesn’t contain sodium bentonite. This sodium bentonite is a common additive used in clay clumping litters. Sodium bentonite can cause harm to the cats if licked or swallowed. The lack of this sodium bentonite in Weruva makes it safer to use.

One package of Weruva lasts for an entire month if used for one cat. It is quite good at absorbing the odor. And also, it provides a fresh green tea aroma. The hinoki wood and green tea are made into pellets which form the litter material.

This litter is quite light in weight and it is flushable. It is quick in clumping and contains low dust. It is free of clay and grains such as wheat, corn, or soy.

It is hypoallergenic which makes the litter safer to use for kittens and cats of all ages. The above-mentioned features of the litter make the litter easy to use and an environment-friendly one.

Wheat Scoop Multi-Cat

Wheat Scoop Multi-Cat is a biodegradable litter which leaves no harm to the environment. sWheat Scoop Multi-Cat is flushable. It is made from wheat. This litter is recommended by many vets. This litter is suggested mainly to cats that are sensitive to dust and scents.

Wheat Scoop Multi-Cat is an unscented cat litter made of wheat. This litter is ultra-absorbent. Wheat Scoop Multi-Cat is a litter that is made up of biodegradable and renewable wheat. The wheat starches lock up the odor on contact. And the natural enzymes present in the litter neutralizes the urine and ammonia odors.

One significant feature of this litter is that it is completely free of harmful ingredients. It contains no added dyes, dust, or perfumes. This makes the litter safer to use. Hence, sWheat Scoop Multi-Cat proves to be a pet-friendly cat litter.

The cats prove to be the best companions for you and these above-mentioned cat litters prove to be the best companions for your cats. From this analysis, you can choose the best cat litter for your lovable cats.

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