Best Cat Litters To Consider in 2020

Any cat parents know that bad litter can be a big problem. For one thing, cats are typical about their bathrooms, quite enough – litter that doesn’t suit your furry buddy can lead to mishaps and bad litter box behaviour. And of course, you choose an alternative that is easy for you to scoop, doesn’t trace everywhere in your house, and helps tamp down the smell.

Who Should Buy Cat Litters?

There are no two ways around it. If you have an inside cat, you’ll have to find a way to discard its waste. There are alternatives to the common litter box, but unless you have a suitable cat and a lot of duration on your hands, training him to use the toilet paper is perhaps not going to take place.

You’ll have the least effect on your life by using kitten litter to eliminate the odour and unhygienic conditions of your cat’s bathroom habits.

Spooning the garbage out each day will resist your home from smelling and, if you pluck a good setting and high-quality cat litter, you may be able to propel the clean up for a limited period of time. If you need support training your cat to try his litter box, take a view out at our how-to guide and be convinced to check out our review of the best quality cat litter box, if you want a quality litter box.

Even if your cat maintains his bathroom habits entirely outside, you, however, may prefer to take benefits of a litter box for a long weekend or short holiday. Cats are a more independent breed than some other pets and they can normally be left for a few days without undergoing any ill effects. Your house, however, maybe a distinct story and the simplest way to secure your house doesn’t smell atrocious when you return to choose a high-quality cat litter.

Here are our alternatives for the best vats litres to keep your home clean and your cat joyous.

What to Look For in Cat Litters


Nowadays, cat litter is the most popular thing using every parent for their Pet. Though you can also find old fashioned fuller’s earth, aka non- clumping litter, as well as silica gel and natural litters. Natural litters are more eco -friendly, but not as effective masking odours.


Bentonite clay is known as clumping litter, as we damp fixes clasp together making them effortless to scoop out. On the other hand, fuller’s earth and real litters don’t clump, signifying you may have to replace the litter more frequently.

Odour – Fighting

If your litter box now is in a quiet traffic space, you might not mind if it smells a little. But if your kitten’s bathroom is in the middle of your house, you May prefer to opt for a litter mixture with odour fighting ingredients to neutralize the odour.

The Best Cat Litters of 2020

Dr Elsey’s Precious Cat Ultra Unscented Clumping Clay Cat Litter

This clumping litter is approximately dust-free and does a great job at controlling odours. It’s adequate for changing and mechanical litter boxes.

The clumping power is super potent with this litter, which makes scooping out the box very easy. Though, the clumping may be almost too strong if you leave it for too long; if the solid clumps create their way to the lowest of the litter box, reducing them can be a struggle.


  • It’s dust-free
  • Adequate for changing and mechanical litter box

Purina Yesterday’s News Unscented Litter

One of the major benefits of clumping cat litters is, of course, the fact that it creates spooning the litter box simple. There are though, some advantages that non- clumping litter has to provide.

However, there are many non – clumping litters selected, our top option is Purina Yesterday’s News Unscented Litter. Made from 100% recycled paper substances. It works instantly, soaking up to three times the moisture of clay litter by quantity, and it lasts longer than non- clumping pine litters.

Purina Yesterday’s News Unscented Litter is unscented so it won’t bother your cat’s respiratory system and it is super soft on his paws.


  • Prepared from recycled stuff
  • Smooth pellets are soft on paws
  • Lasts longer than pine pellets
  • Totally biodegradable


  • Paper pellets may begin to dissolve after absorbing liquid
  • Odour control is fixed which may employ a regular cleaning

Okocat Natural Wood Cat Litter

When it comes to Natural Cat litter, there is an abundance of numerous materials to select from. One of the extensively well-known materials still is wood because it is cost-effective absorbent and it has a generally fresh scent. Realistic cat litter is suitable for kittens, older cats, and cats who are delicate to more abrasive stuff.
Many of these litters are also flushable for effortless cleanup.

This is created from 100% considerable and real wood fibres, preparing this litter eco-friendly, biodegradable, and all-natural. This litter is from scents, chemicals and pigments but it, however, provides excellent absorbent material and long-lasting odour control. Natural litter binds to liquids to form scoopable clumps and the real antimicrobial usefulness of the wood fibres help to kill bacteria, maintaining your house cleaner and fresher than more conventional cat litters.


  • Made from eco-friendly, biodegradable material
  • Free from scents and dyes
  • Helps in killing bacteria


  • May trace more than realistic litters with broader granules, some cats disfavour the fibre of the wood materials.

Arm & Hammer Unscented Super Scoop Litter

It is a wonderful alternative for cat owners on a budget. The high absorbency formula is a scent-free and super absorbent material. What’s more, it is 99% dust-free with a low tracking, so you would not have to think about a big clean up after your cat performs their job.

The litter uses a substantial mixture of baking soda crystals and ammonia odour neutralizers to assure that any nasty odour is kept under ponchos.


  • The most appreciative advantage of this cat litter is that it easily fits into the budget.
  • 99% dust-free

Pretty Litter

Pretty Litter is an odour controlled, health monitoring cat litter. It shifts colour to notify you when your cat has a probable health problem. This could save your huge amount of money on expensive vet charges. Not to indicate it could save your cat’s life!


  • Controls odour
  • Health monitoring Cat Litter

Frequently Asked Questions?

Is Pine litter safe for cats?

The cat will perpetually eat their litter either by accident or a reason. Sometimes a cat likes to spruce up after himself and will eat his own waste. To avoid some of that you can be active in your scooping, but even if they don’t do that, they do lick their paws and those feet have been in the litter. You can’t be there to put an eye at your cat’s every move. So you have to keep that in your mind when you’re selecting your cat’s litter.

Is cat litter bad for the environment?

Some cat litters are harmful to the surroundings and some are not. The considerably common and the most traditionally used materials for cat litter is clay. Clay is strip-mined from the soil, which destroys the particular setting and displaces nature. So while it is generally occurring and not harmful for your cat, it’s not very great for the surroundings.

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