Do Greyhounds Get Along with Cats?

It’s a common misconception that all dogs get along with cats. But is this really the case? Do Greyhounds get along with cats? In this detailed guide, we’ll explore the answer to that question and more.

Greyhounds and Cats: The Basics

Greyhounds are a type of sighthound, which means they were bred to hunt by sight, not scent. They’re also the tallest of all dog breeds and can reach speeds of up to 45 miles per hour.

Despite their size and speed, Greyhounds are gentle giants who are known for being sweet, loving, and good-natured.

Do Greyhounds Get Along with Other Animals?

Generally speaking, Greyhounds do get along well with other animals. In fact, many Greyhound rescues will only adopt out dogs who are good with other animals.

That said, every dog is an individual, and some Greyhounds may not be comfortable around other animals, including cats.

Introducing a Greyhound to a Cat

If you have a Greyhound and you’re thinking of getting a cat, it’s important to introduce them slowly and carefully. The best way to do this is to confine your Greyhound to a small area, like a bathroom or laundry room, while your cat has free rein in the house.

Over a week or so, gradually give your Greyhound more and more access to the house, until they’re able to meet your cat face-to-face.

Tips for Living Together Peacefully

Once your Greyhound and cat have met and seem to be getting along, there are a few things you can do to help them live together peacefully:

  • Make sure your cat has a safe place to escape to, like a high shelf or a cat tree.
  • Feed your Greyhound and cat separately to avoid competition and jealousy.
  • Provide your cat with plenty of toys and scratch posts to keep them occupied.
  • Never leave your Greyhound and cat unsupervised together, at least not until you’re sure they get along well.

What if My Greyhound Doesn’t Like Cats?

If your Greyhound doesn’t seem to like cats, there are a few things you can try:

  • Take things slowly and give them time to adjust to each other.
  • Give your cat plenty of space and let them come to your Greyhound on their own terms.
  • Make sure your cat always has a safe place to go if they feel scared or threatened.
  • Consider getting a second cat. Often, two cats will bond with each other and leave your Greyhound out of the equation.

Greyhound-proofing Your Home

If you have a Greyhound and you’re thinking of getting a cat, there are a few things you should do to greyhound-proof your home:

  • Get rid of anything your Greyhound could use as a chew toy, like shoelaces, socks, and small toys.
  • Make sure all electrical cords are out of reach.
  • put away any loose items that your Greyhound could knock over, like vases and lamps.
  • Keep your Greyhound on a leash when they’re first introduced to your cat.

The Bottom Line

Do Greyhounds get along with cats? It depends. Some Greyhounds are naturally gentle and good-natured and will get along just fine with a cat. Others may be more independent and aloof, and may not be as interested in interacting with a cat.

Ultimately, it’s important to take things slowly, introduce your animals carefully, and provide them with plenty of space to adjust to each other.