Are Balinese Cats Expensive to Keep?

Balinese cats are one the most expensive breeds there are. Their price is $1000-$1500 and depends on their bloodline, gender, and colorings. Most people will think they are only worth the price they’re being sold for.

One look at them and you’ll know that they’re one of a kind. But it’s not just their cost, people must also consider feeding, grooming, and maintaining their pet’s health.

Is It Expensive to Own a Balinese Cat?

There are many reasons why these cats are so expensive. Among them are their coat, personality, and appearance. As mentioned earlier, they are one of a kind so they’re valued at that cost.

A Balinese cat’s coat is silky smooth; it feels almost like human hair. It does not matter easily but for those who want their pet to look great all the time, grooming will be an everyday routine.

This cat sheds hair but it is not as big of a problem since you can easily brush them to remove loose hair and their undercoat will grow back within a few months.

But grooming a Balinese cat isn’t just keeping its coat clean and manageable, owners must also have the knowledge on how to trim these cats’ nails and clean their ears.

Owners must also be aware of their pet’s living environment since these cats are very sensitive to temperature. Balinese cats are indoor pets that cannot tolerate high temperatures especially if they have short hair or have just been through a grooming session.

Is It Expensive to Feed a Balinese Cat?

Just like any other cat breed, it is important for owners to know the nutritional requirements of their pets. If you are not sure, your vet can recommend the right food for them.

But if you want to save some money, there are cat foods that cost around $20 for a 10-pound bag. These brands are good for everyday feeding and they will not affect your pet’s health in a bad way.

Can It Get Expensive if the Balinese Gets Sick?

Cats, like all other pets, get sick and may need to visit a vet from time to time for shots or medications. Depending on the severity of an illness, your pet’s doctor may prescribe medication that can cost around $25-$50 per dose.

How Much Does It Cost to Neuter or Spay a Balinese Cat?

If you are not planning on breeding your pet, neutering or spaying is recommended. This can cost around $100-$300 depending on the vet’s fees and if the surgery includes other procedures like declawing or vaccinations.

People who don’t have nearby vet clinics, they can always choose to neuter or spay their pets at home with the help of a veterinarian. Non-professional neutering will cost around $50 plus any additional costs if the owner decides to declaw their pet.

What Does It Cost to Register a Balinese Cat with the CFA?

Being registered with The Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) is not required but pet owners who want to show their pets in cat competitions should be willing to pay at least $15 for this service.

Balinese cats are rare so most of them enter these competitions and it takes a lot of preparation, effort, and money.

In Conclusion…

The costs for owning a Balinese cat from the time you bought your pet to taking care of it throughout its life span can cost around $3000-$6000. It’s expensive but if you really want a one-of-a-kind feline friend, this is the price you must be willing to pay.

But if this is out of your budget, there are other breeds that you can choose from; although not as exquisite they’re still worth owning.

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