What Is American Wirehair Cat? (Care, Personality, Price)

The American Wirehair unexpectedly came to the world of cats. This breed is rather rare. But it managed to win the hearts of the owners because of its unusual appearance and excellent character. Breeders hope that this species will gain popularity in the future, as well as become more popular than ever. Let’s find out what makes this breed so special, and if it’s worth it to buy American Wirehair kittens.


American Wirehair Cat is a breed developed in 1966. The first pair of these cats – the Burmese female cat named Josephine and its son without tail, born at the farm near Cleveland (Ohio). Despite this fact, modern representatives of the breed have long and fluffy hair. The female, as well as its son died shortly after birth. But the owners of Josephine believed that they should never leave such a wonderful breed and try to recreate it again.

People say that just an accidental mating of a Burmese cat and another unknown cat was the reason for creating the breed, which is so unusual and beautiful. Some scientists argue that it was a Scottish Fold and American Shorthair cat. Anyway, there is no consensus about this issue among the breeders and owners of these cats.

The result was a lovely and unusual breed, unlike anything seen before in cats. He looked curly haired, but it turned out that his hair is not curly. Rather, it is very thin, with a lot of soft hair on the ears and tail. The main difference between American Wirehairs from other species is that they have only one “wire” in their fur – this is a ridge of long hairs along the spine.


In fact, this breed is quite similar to the Scottish Fold Cat. The main difference between them is that American Wirehair has a shorter tail and larger ears. These cats have soft and fluffy hair, but it often looks like wires. Some owners call these cats “fuzzy toys”.

American Wirehairs have a fine bone structure and harmonious body. The silhouette is large and massive. They have a broad chest, wide forehead, and wide hips. In these cats, you do not need to look for big muscles under the fur, because they are not there.

Although American Wirehairs have a short tail, it looks like a thick brush or a “cotton ball”. By the way, it is often compared with a corkscrew. The hair on the tail looks more like wires than that of American Wirehairs on their body.

In addition to all these qualities, American Wirehairs have a very good character and a playful character. They love human company and are very affectionate with children and other pets in the house. These cats are very active and playful, you can do whatever you want with them. American Wirehairs quickly become an inseparable part of any family, which is always open to communication and new experiences.


American Wirehair Cats and kittens are very playful, active, and cheerful. They love to communicate with people and spend time playing with the owner or other animals in the house. These cats can get along well with children, so they will be a wonderful addition to any family because of their calmness, friendliness, and playfulness.

American Wirehairs love to meet new people and spend time in their company, so you can take it with you when traveling. These cats are very sociable and won’t be offended if they spend the night at a place of rest.

American Wirehairs are wonderful watchmen who will not let strangers into your house or apartment. They are very loud and their voice sounds like a mouse squeaking. Because of this, they are often mistakenly thought of as dwarf cats.


American Wirehairs are no less intelligent than most breeds of cats. These are very curious animals who are always open to new discoveries and experiences. They also like to chatter on various topics, because they want to be the center of attention. In addition, these cats are very good at learning tricks and solving problems.

American Wirehairs have a versatile character that is quite similar to humans. For example, you can easily teach them how to turn on a tap or a light switch. These creatures are not difficult to socialize and quickly get used to constant communication with the owner. The great thing about this breed is that even if you go on a business trip, she will not be discouraged and feel lonely.

American Wirehairs are very independent cats who love to do everything their way. They are quite selfish and always want to get their favorite toy or blanket without sharing it with anyone. However, it is worth noting that they will not refuse a treat and a piece of salmon in the evening. You can also praise your pet for something well done or punish it when it gets into mischief.

American Wirehairs have a very serious character, so anything you teach them should be done strictly and with patience. These cats must obey the owner without any tricks because they would not put up with bullying.

Life expectancy

American Wirehairs have a very strong character and can cope with any problems without limitations. This breed is one of the healthiest in the world and lives for about 14 to 15 years on average. Of course, such a long life can be associated with some health problems, but this is about the only negative trait of the breed.

Health and care

American Wirehairs are very clean creatures who can spend hours cleaning themselves. You do not need to bathe them every day (unless your pet goes outside), but they need to be brushed several times a week with a special glove or comb. It takes about 20 minutes to wear your pet.

American Wirehairs are very strong and agile, so you can teach your pet tricks of all sorts. These cats love to learn new things and quickly pick up the pace, so you can perform such activities as climbing on a tree or an object; cycling; jumping; running on two legs; playing with a ball, and dancing.

These creatures love to travel and discover new places, so they will be happy to go with you anywhere. It is worth noting that American Wirehairs are very fast and can easily overtake any transport, even if it goes on wheels. For this reason, we do not recommend letting your pet out of the apartment, because she can get run over before you even notice.

Price and cost of breed

American Wirehairs rarely appear on the cat market, so if you want to buy such a pet, it is worth looking for them in animal shelters and among friends. The average price varies from $ 800 to $ 1500. Of course, this can be an expensive pet for some budgets, but remember that high quality food costs a lot and in the future, your pet may need veterinary services.

If you want to get a very sociable, independent, and strong-willed person, then American Wirehairs will be ideal for you. These creatures are able to cope with any problems without limitations and will never let their owners down in difficult situations.

However, such independence makes them very individualistic cats that often think only about themselves. It is worth remembering that these animals are forced to obey the owner, since they will not tolerate bullying.

Final Words

American Wirehairs are very energetic creatures who love to play and explore the world around them. These cats need a lot of space and ideally should be given access to their own room, so that they do not get bored during the day.

These cats have a serious character and can quickly pick up new things, so you can teach them interesting tricks. Wirehairs are very sociable and love their owners, so they will never be left alone for a long time.

If you have decided to get an American Wirehair as a pet, then remember that these cats do not belong to beginners. These creatures are quite difficult to maintain and require special treatment, but if you can cope with all the conditions, then you will have a very loyal and affectionate pet.

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