10 facts about the American Wirehair Cat

If you’re looking for a unique and interesting cat, the American Wirehair is certainly worth considering. This breed is known for its wiry coat, which can come in a variety of colors and patterns. Here are 10 facts about the American Wirehair that will help you decide if this is the right cat for you!

1) The American Wirehair is very unique

The American Wirehair may look like any other domestic shorthaired cat, but they are actually quite different! This breed has a unique coat made of twisted hairs. Each hair is not only tightly coiled at the tip, but also crimped throughout its length.

2) The American Wirehair is a relatively new breed

Although the American Wirehair is an interesting breed, they haven’t been around for that long. They were first bred in 1966 by a man named Ed Smith. He began cross-breeding his barn cats to develop a shorthaired cat with a unique wiry coat. After 5 generations of selective breeding, he achieved the look he was going for!

3) The American Wirehair is very rare

Although the American Wirehair is an interesting breed, they are not widely available. This breed is recognized by only one cat association – The Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA). They are also accepted by the more recently created United Feline Organization (UFO), which specializes in natural breeds.

4) The American Wirehair is a healthy breed

The American Wirehair is a relatively healthy breed, especially when compared to some other natural breeds. They are at risk for Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD), but reputable breeders will have their breeding cats tested for this condition before breeding them. Some lines of American Wirehairs carry a gene that gives them a curly tail, and some lines have kinked or crooked tails.

5) The American Wirehair has many unique features 

In addition to their unique coat, the American Wirehair also has some other “unique” features not seen in other breeds. Their ears are small and folded, and they have a small muzzle with a “ski jump” nose. Their eyes are almond-shaped, and they have a sturdy body type that is slightly larger than some other breeds.

6) The American Wirehair is super friendly

One of the most lovable features of this breed is its personality! They are very affectionate cats that love to play with their people. They are extremely sociable and will even socialize with other pets in your home.

7) The American Wirehair is very smart

The American Wirehair breed is known for being very intelligent cats that can easily learn tricks, open doors, and more! Their intelligence also allows them to be easy to train.

8) The American Wirehair can have a very unique coat

The American Wirehair may look like any other shorthaired cat, but their coats can come in many different patterns and colors. They can have a shaded pattern, where the base color is lighter than the tips. They may also have a smoke pattern over a solid color.

9) The American Wirehair’s coat requires special grooming

Since the coat of the American Wirehair is so unique, it also requires special grooming. At least once a week, owners should work conditioner into their cat’s coat and then comb out the tangles with a wire or flea comb. They can be bathed as necessary, but it is important not to bathe them too frequently because this can damage their coat.

10) The American Wirehair is active and playful

This breed is very active and will need regular playtime with its owners. They are best suited to homes with older children since they aren’t able to tolerate roughhousing or loud noises. They can also be very independent, so they may not make the best lap cat.

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