What Do American Curl Cats Eat? [Beginners Guide]

What do American Curl cats eat? That’s a question that many people have since these adorable felines are so unique. They may look like they would eat anything, but there are some specific things that these cats need in their diet to stay healthy. In this post, we’ll take a look at what American Curl cats eat and how to make sure they get the nutrients they need.

What Do American Curl Cats Eat?

American Curl cats eat a very similar diet to any other cat. In fact, as long as you keep your American Curl cat’s dietary needs in mind, he will be fine with just about anything you put down for him to eat.

What Is the Ideal Diet for an American Curl Cat?

The first step is making sure that your American Curl cat eats good quality food. You may have noticed that the bags of most dry foods indicate a certain life stage or type of cat, such as kitten, adult, mature, etc. These designations aren’t actually regulated by any governing body.

It has been suggested that cats have specific nutritional needs at different stages in their lives. For example, kittens may need more protein than adult cats since they are growing so quickly. You can see an example of this on Purina’s website here.

So you may look for a food labeled “kitten” but don’t stress if it doesn’t say that your American Curl cat is a young cat. They should be fine with any dry food.

What Is the Nutritional Value of a Typical American Curl Diet?

You may wonder, “what does an American Curl cat eat” and “are they getting the nutrients that they need?” The answer is yes.

Cats are obligate carnivores, which means that in their natural habitats they thrive on a diet of meat, organs, and bones. They cannot properly digest plant material since it lacks certain nutrients that they need to survive.

In the wild, these cats would get their moisture from any available sources such as prey and even some dirt if nothing else was available. They don’t require a huge quantity of water in their diet since they get most of it from their prey and can go for long periods without eating or drinking too much.

Since they are so good at conserving water in the wild, your American Curl cat is very unlikely to become dehydrated.

What Does an American Curl Cat Eat On a Daily Basis?

If you’re wondering what an American Curl cat eats daily, here’s what you need to know. A healthy adult American Curl cat should eat about 100 to 200 calories a day.

In general, it depends on how active your cat is and whether he eats wet food in addition to dry food. Your veterinarian can help you figure out what an appropriate amount to feed your American Curl cat is so that he stays healthy.

If you have a kitten, he will need about twice as much food, so you can feed him commercial kitten food until he reaches adulthood.

How Often Should an American Curl Cat Be Fed?

American Curl cats should be fed at least twice a day. This will keep your cat from being bored and eating things he shouldn’t, which may include furniture, clothing, or other items that are dangerous to ingest.

If you have multiple cats in your household, try to space their feeding times by about four hours so they don’t interfere with each other’s meals.

What Kind of Food Should an American Curl Cat Eat?

American Curl cats can eat anything you put in front of them, even if it isn’t good for them. There are a few things to avoid though. Some cats develop a bad habit of eating hairballs and they may become sick from ingesting string, ribbon, thread, and other items.

In order to avoid this, you can give your cat a hairball remedy food or treat so he isn’t tempted to eat things that will make him sick.

If your American Curl cat suffers from allergies, a limited ingredient diet may help reduce symptoms. There are also some prescription diets designed specifically for cats with food allergies.

What Are Some American Curl Cat Food Recalls?

Because the FDA requires that pet foods are safe to eat, companies have a responsibility to their consumers to ensure that they are healthy and safe. Even though there are regulations in place, there have still been some recalls of both cat and dog food due to contamination or ingredients that weren’t considered safe for consumption.

The most recent recall was in February 2018 when Ainsworth Pet Nutrition recalled some batches of its dry dog food due to mold concerns. This included several brands including Nurture with Real Chicken, Mother’s Instinct, and Daddy V Fussy. You can view the FDA announcement here.

Other recalls have included brands such as Iams, Meow Mix, and Rachael Ray Nutrish.

What Should I Do If My American Curl Cat Gets Dehydrated?

If your American Curl cat gets dehydrated, it is usually because he isn’t drinking enough water. If this happens, you should take him to the veterinarian as soon as possible. While waiting for an appointment, make sure that he drinks liquids regularly and keep him indoors if possible.

Your vet will be able to tell you what’s wrong. They usually just need to rehydrate the cat through fluids administered under his skin or in his veins so he can begin feeling better again.

If this happens, it is usually because your American Curl cat isn’t drinking enough water. If it turns out that he has a specific health problem, such as kidney disease, your vet may be able to give him prescription medications for it.

How Can I Prevent My Cat From Becoming Dehydrated?

You can take steps to ensure that your American Curl cat doesn’t become dehydrated, so he doesn’t have to experience the unfortunate side effects of the condition. Some things you can do are:

Make sure that your American Curl cat always has access to fresh, clean water. If he prefers drinking from the faucet or a puddle, you can buy him an automatic pet water fountain. These are battery powered appliances that release cool, filtered water on demand by catching it with a filter before it goes down the drain. Your cat will find the water irresistible.

Make sure your American Curl cat stays out of the sun, especially if he has light fur. If you must take him outside for any reason, be sure to apply sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15 minutes before bringing him back inside. You can also purchase a pet-safe sunscreen from your vet or online.

If your cat is at risk of getting kidney disease, you may want to avoid giving him foods with high levels of protein and phosphorus. Some vets recommend feeding senior cats diets that are low in sodium, too, since salt can exacerbate fluid retention.

How Can I Get My American Curl Cat to Eat Less?

Some veterinarians recommend making sure your American Curl cat eats more during the day and less at night so he isn’t eating so much food overall. You can also try getting him to move around more by buying yourself a laser pointer or playing with him using toys that encourage exercise.

Some vets will prescribe appetite suppressants for cats, but you mustn’t use these on cats that are less than one year old. This is because they can cause damage to their skeletal system, especially if your cat is underweight.

Final Thoughts on American Curl Diet

The best thing you can do for your cat is to make sure he eats the safest, healthiest food possible. One way to do this is by switching him to a healthy wet food diet.

You may also want to consider preparing his meals at home so you know exactly what ingredients are in them. There are many pet recipes that you can make easily using ingredients from your local grocery store. If you do this, you can also save money by avoiding these premium brands that cost a lot more than the mass-market ones.

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