What Is American Curl Cat Breed? Origin, Personality, Care

The American Curl cat breed is one of the most distinctive and unique types of cats you’ll ever see. They are characterized by their unusual curled ears, which give them a charming and endearing appearance. But what else do you need to know about American Curls? Let’s take a closer look at their origin, personality, care, size, color, and price.

So, What Is an American Curl Cat Breed?

A Brief History

The American Curl is a relatively new feline breed that originated in America during the 1980s. It was introduced by a breeder called Jean Mill who wanted to create a distinctive looking, but also a friendly and intelligent cat with unique ears. She managed to achieve this and today, the American Curl is a popular breed that’s recognized by many cat associations worldwide.

Personality And Temperament

The American Curl is a very affectionate and active feline breed with an outgoing personality. They are good with kids, other cats, and dogs alike, but they do need to be monitored with very young children as their curiosity may get them into trouble.

Male American Curl cats are more outgoing and active than females, but both sexes can make great family companions. The breed is also known for liking water, so if you’re planning on adopting an American Curl kitten or cat, don’t leave your bathroom door open.

Care, Grooming, And Health Issues

American Curl cats are generally healthy and hardy animals that only need minimal grooming. This means you won’t have to spend too much time brushing or cleaning their coats but be prepared for some occasional bathing if your American Curl gets dirty or likes to play with mud.

Other than that, the American Curl is a great choice for any family looking to own a cat. They are playful, calm, and extremely affectionate, which makes them wonderful companions.

Size And Color

Male American Curl cats are medium to large, while females are slightly smaller. A fully grown adult usually weighs around 7 pounds for males and 5 pounds for females, but the breed standard allows for a wide range of weight variations.

Mature American Curls can be any solid color or coat pattern depending on their genetics, so you should visit a breeder to determine what colors are available in the American Curl.


The average price for an American Curl kitten is $500 to $1000, so this may not be the right breed if you’re looking for an inexpensive cat. However, you can purchase adult cats at lower prices, but keep in mind that the price varies depending on their type of coat.

Where To Buy?

American Curl kittens are generally available for purchase through breeders or adoption organizations, while adult cats can be purchased directly from a breeder or via adoption events. American Curl kittens and cats are more expensive than most other breeds because they’re rarer to find.

You can also get a mixed breed or hybrid of American Curl, so this might be an option if you don’t want to spend too much money on a cat. However, hybrids do not always look like typical American Curls, so you should visit a breeder and find out what the chances are of getting a cat that looks like the American Curl breed.

The vast majority of cats available for purchase come in different breeds and coat types, so you should check with your local breeder or adoption center to find what’s currently in stock. If not, don’t worry! You can always try our cat finder tool at the top of this page to find a cat that suits your preferences.

American Curl kittens and cats make great companions for any family, but if you want to learn more about their personality, care, grooming, health issues, and price range check out the details below.

Interesting Facts about The American Curl

The breed’s unique ears do not only make them look different from other domestic cats, but they also give them full hearing abilities without too much exposure to loud sounds.

This is because the outer ear curls back and protects the inner part of the ear from loud noises. Not just that, but as a result of their unique appearance, American Curls are highly prized amongst breeders and considered to be one of the most expensive cat breeds.

American Curl kittens are known to be very playful, which makes them great companions for both adults and kids. They love being around people, so you can expect your American Curl to always seek attention from their human family members.

Final Thoughts

American Curls are generally calm and docile creatures that can adapt to almost any household. They also don’t like being left alone for long periods of time, so if you’re planning on leaving them by themselves for more than 6 hours at a time, you might want to get another pet instead.

Whether you purchase your American Curl kitten from a breeder or adopt an adult cat, you should be aware that different American Curl cats may have different personalities. This is why it’s very important to thoroughly ask breeders and adoption centers about the specific history of your desired cat.

Before purchasing any kitten or cat, we recommend asking for medical records and confirmation from a veterinarian that they’re in good health. If you can’t get that kind of information, then at least make sure that they’re not suffering from any life-threatening medical conditions.

The most common health problems encountered by American Curls are Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) and Congenital Curl Ear (CCE), so be sure to check if the kitten or cat you’re purchasing is free of these genetic illnesses.

We hope that our article helped you learn more about the American Curl breed and how much they cost. If you have any questions, feel free to post them in the comment section below and we’ll try to answer them as soon as possible!

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