How Big Do American Curl Cats Get? (You Should Know This)

The American Curl is a breed of cat characterized by its unusual ears. These cats come in all different colors and sizes, but one question people often ask is just how big do American Curl cats get? In this article, we’ll take a look at the size of American Curls.

How Big Do American Curl Cats Get?

American Curl cats are a medium to large sized cat breed with their maximum weight and height being around 12-25 lbs and 14-20″ respectively. Males tend to be larger than females, but overall the breed is well rounded and muscular making them very strong and powerful.

Although they are a medium to large sized breed, American Curl cats still have very affectionate and loving personalities. They make great companions for families with children, including babies who can get accidentally stepped on! In their family homes, these cats love sitting in laps and playing together with the kids.

What Are Some of the Common Health Problems of American Curl Cats?

Unfortunately, there are some health problems associated with American Curl cats. These cats are prone to developing feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM), which basically means their hearts can become enlarged and thickened. To avoid this disorder, your cat should be checked for HCM every year by a veterinarian.

Allergies and skin disorders are also common in this breed, and to help prevent these conditions your American Curl should be fed premium cat food to ensure they get the necessary nutrients.

How Much Do American Curl Cats Cost?

Cats of any breed can vary greatly when it comes to their cost. However, with the standard 12-25 lb size of American Curl cats and the fact most breeders sell their kittens for around $600, you can expect to pay somewhere between $600-$900 for an American Curl kitten.

If you are looking for an adult American Curl cat, they can sometimes cost as much as $1,500 depending on the physicality of the cat and its temperament.

Of course, this price is not set in stone and can vary greatly depending on the breeder you purchase your cat from. It’s also possible to find American Curl kittens for sale at adoption centers where the cost of the kitten will be much lower.

What Is The Life Expectancy of an American Curl Cat?

American Curl cats have a life expectancy between 12-15 years. This is average for most cat breeds, but if you are looking to purchase an American Curl cat, keep in mind they will be with your family for many years to come!


As you can see, the answer to ” How big do American Curl Cats get” isn’t easy to answer because there are so many different factors, such as the parents of the cat. However, things like their weight and maximum height can give us an idea of just how big a fully grown cat will be.

In conclusion, American Curl cats tend to be a medium-large-sized breed that grows between 12-25 lbs and 14-20″ respectively. Adult males of this breed are generally larger than females, but there is a lot of variation between individuals.

In addition to being medium-large-sized cats, American Curl cats love sitting in laps and playing with children which makes them great companions for families. Unfortunately, these adorable felines can be affected by certain health problems, but these can be prevented by purchasing well-rounded cat food for your American Curl to enjoy.

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