How to Tell If Your Cat Is an American Bobtail? [Beginners Guide]

Are you wondering if your cat is an American Bobtail? This unique breed has a number of distinguishing features that make it stand out from other cats. If you’re curious about whether your feline friend is a Bobtail, keep reading to learn more!

Is My Cat an American Bobtail?

If you’re wondering whether your furry friend is an American Bobtail or just a bobtail cat, you’ll want to look for certain physical traits that are unique to the breed.

American Bobtails have an average body weight of seven to sixteen pounds with an average length of thirteen inches from head to tail. They come in every color, including calico and tortoiseshell patterns. Their coats can be short or medium in length and require minimal grooming, making them great for families with kids.

The most distinctive physical trait of American Bobtails is their short or absent tail—hence the breed’s name! Short tails can either be naturally occurring or surgically bobbed after birth.

It’s legal to dock a cat’s tail in a number of countries, including the United States. If the tail is naturally bobbed, it will be about three or four inches long with a curve that follows the spine. If the tail is surgically bobbed, it will end at an even length with no kinks or curves.

American Bobtails can inherit both short and normal tails, so don’t worry if you notice your cat’s tail has some kinks or curves.

You’ll also want to pay attention to your Bobtail’s hind legs. They’ll likely be noticeably longer than the front legs, which not only gives them the appearance of an American Bobtail but is also integral to their natural hunting abilities.

Genetic Testing for Tail Habits

Because Bobtails are a naturally occurring breed, determining if your cat is an American Bobtail requires looking at physical features rather than genetic testing.

There are, however, some breeds that purposefully have their tails docked or bobbed after birth. If you’re curious about whether your feline friend falls into this category, ask their breeder to see their certificate of authenticity.

There’s also a myth that longhaired cats with tails get matted more often than short haired cats without tails. This has not been proven to be true, according to several feline veterinarians and breeders. It is important to make sure your cat’s tail and coat are healthy and well-maintained.

American Bobtails are an energetic breed that needs plenty of room to run, jump and play to stay happy and healthy. They’re loyal companions that love spending time with their families, particularly if they can curl up in your lap for a nap!

If you think your cat is an American Bobtail or just has some Bobtail features, keep reading to learn about how you can adopt one!

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