Are American Bobtail Cats Rare? (Is It True?)

American Bobtail cats are one of the most unique and interesting cat breeds around. They are often mistaken for wildcats, and they definitely have a look that is all their own.

Surprisingly, American Bobtails are not as rare as you might think, but they are certainly not as common as other popular cat breeds.

If you’re thinking about adding an American Bobtail to your family, here’s what you need to know!

What is an American Bobtail Cat?

American Bobtails are a medium sized cat breed with a short, bobbed tail. Of course, this bobbed tail is the main characteristic that makes them so unique.

The cats have an athletic body and lean muscle structure. They are very strong and able to jump high due to their muscular legs.

Although they are not as large as Siberian cats, American Bobtails are very strong and fast. They make great hunters because of their agility, speed, and high intelligence.

American Bobtail Appearance

The American Bobtail has a unique appearance that resembles the look of different wildcat species. Their short tail is reminiscent of a bobcat or lynx, while their overall appearance is very similar to the Canadian Lynx.

Their ears are pointed and upright which gives them an extremely expressive look. The eyes are almond shaped to give them a very unique, mesmerizing stare.

It’s easy to understand why many people think that American Bobtails are hybrids between wildcats and domestic cats.

American Bobtails also come in three different coat types: standard, mackerel, and spotted tabby.

The first two coats are medium length with a soft texture to them. The mackerel is shorthaired and the standard has a plush coat that needs to be brushed regularly to prevent mats from forming.

American Bobtail Personality

American Bobtails can vary from cat to cat, but they have many characteristics in common. They have a very independent personality and do not require as much attention or affection as some other cat breeds.

They are very intelligent cats that love to play fetch with their owners. In fact, they love playing so much that it is often difficult for them to stop when they are tired.

American Bobtails can be very vocal, and they often talk to their owners in “meows” and “chirps”. They make good companions for humans who like cats with active personalities.

American Bobtail Lifespan

This breed of cat has a lifespan of 10-12 years on average. This is similar to many other medium sized cat breeds.

American Bobtails are an energetic breed of cat, so they need to have plenty of exercise. Regular playtime will help to keep them in shape and maintain good health for much longer.

American Bobtail Health Issues

American Bobtails are susceptible to many of the same health problems that other cat breeds face.

They can have a higher risk of developing heart disease and bladder stones. They also have a higher risk of being obese because their food intake needs to be monitored closely. This may sound like a lot, but American Bobtails are generally very healthy cats, so they aren’t likely to get sick often.

American Bobtail Cost

The cost of an American Bobtail will vary depending on the breeder. It is important to find a reputable breeder who can help you to determine which kitten would be best for your family.

American Bobtails are one of the most expensive cat breeds available because they are so rare. You can expect to pay $1000 or more for this breed of cat as a pet.

There are also many rescue organizations that specialize in American Bobtails and other rare cat breeds. You can contact your local shelter to inquire about adopting one of these beautiful cats!

American Bobtail Breed History

The history of the American Bobtail is not well known. There is speculation that they were developed from bobcats, but there is no concrete evidence to prove this theory.

American Bobtails have a very limited gene pool which makes the chances of them being bred with other cat breeds more likely. There are some breeders that have been able to create hybrids from American Bobtails and other cats such as oriental shorthairs.

This breed was just recently recognized by The International Cat Association. It was first recognized as “Experimental” in 1994, then it became a Championship breed in 2001.

American Bobtails are rare cats that have only been around for about 50 years. They have captured the hearts of many people who love their beautiful looks and fascinating personality.

If you are looking for an intelligent, active, and playful cat, then you should consider adopting an American Bobtail.

Adopting a rescue cat could be one of the best decisions that you ever make!

American Bobtails are very intelligent cats who love to play. They can spend hours chasing toys or playing games with their owners. This breed is also very sweet and affectionate. They will often curl up next to their owners and cuddle while watching a movie or reading a book.

American Bobtails are also very vocal cats that love to talk! You may be surprised how much they communicate with you through meows, chirps, and other noises. These cats are very social animals who need companionship.

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