How Much Do Abyssinian Cats Cost? (Are They Expensive?)

Are you thinking of getting an Abyssinian cat? They are certainly a beautiful breed, but how much do they cost? This article will give you an idea of the price range for Abyssinians, as well as some things to consider before making your purchase.

How Much Abyssinian Cost?

Abyssinian kittens typically cost between $550 and $750, but you can find them for less or more depending on where you shop. For example, the Humane Society often has Abyssinians available for adoption at a lower cost because they are subsidized by donations.

However, if you want to buy from a breeder it will likely have to be a private one, as Abyssinians are not currently recognized by any formal cat registries.

Abyssinian Price Factors

Some breeders of more unusual breeds of cats may charge more for their kittens simply because they are harder to obtain. Abyssinians are relatively more common than some other breeds, but there is still a chance that the kitten you want will be more expensive if the breeder has to travel far or pay a stud fee to obtain it.

If you buy Abyssinian kittens from a breeder, you should also expect them to vaccinate and deworm your kittens before the sale (unless they’ve already been done). Both of these procedures cost extra and should be factored in when you are determining how much to spend on your new furry family member.

How Much Do Abyssinian Cats Cost in Adoption?

Abyssinians can also be purchased from a shelter or rescue organization, but may not always be available. Some of these cats may have been abandoned by their owners due to personal problems such as financial issues or divorce, while others were born in a feral cat colony.

Shelters and rescue organizations typically charge much less for Abyssinian cats than breeders do simply because they have no breeding costs to recoup, but you should still expect to pay between $50 and $200 depending on the organization’s overhead.

Abyssinian Price Comparison

If you compare the price of Abyssinian cats to other breeds, they are somewhat expensive. For example, purebred Maine Coon kittens cost about $200 less on average than an Abyssinian kitten. Another breed that is comparably priced is the Norwegian Forest Cat which costs about $100 less per litter.

How Much Do Abyssinian Cats Cost in Veterinary Bills?

All kittens require regular veterinary visits to check for health problems like parasites or disease. Unfortunately, Abyssinians can be prone to certain disorders and may need testing and treatment that costs more than the average feline. For example, they often suffer from gingivitis due to their brachycephalic heads and may require a special diet to prevent future problems.

Veterinary bills for Abyssinian cats can vary depending on the severity of the health issues your kitten deals with, but you should always be prepared to spend at least $100 per year for regular check-ups and other basic services. You should also expect emergency or specialized care such as surgery or overnight care to be more expensive, with bills as high as $1000 for major procedures.

Abyssinian Breeders and Rescues

Breeders of Abyssinians generally offer a one-year guarantee on kittens and will often pay for necessary veterinary visits and treatments (up to a certain dollar amount). However, it is still important that you purchase pet insurance if you are planning to go this route. Pet insurance for cats typically costs less than $10 per month but can save you thousands in the long term if your cat needs medical care that exceeds the breeder’s guarantee.

Rescues and shelters may or may not cover initial veterinary visits or treatments, so be sure to inquire about their policies and what to expect when you take your kitten home.

Why are Abyssinian Cats Expensive to Buy?

Abyssinian cats are one of the more difficult breeds to come by simply because breeders have so much control over their bloodlines. Many people who are attracted to this breed want a cat that is very active and social, which means that Abyssinians must be bred into other established breeds or with extremely docile individuals.

This process often takes a very long time to achieve and results in kittens that may be more expensive than most. Professional breeders have a reputation to maintain, which means they have no choice but to keep a close eye on their practices or risk losing customers.

Risks of Buying Abys from Overseas

Unfortunately, it is becoming increasingly common for people to purchase Abys from overseas breeders because they are cheaper. If you choose to go this route, the biggest risk is that you will receive a cat with health problems or genetic defects that will cost hundreds or thousands of dollars to correct.

The other problem is that Abyssinian cats are often confiscated by customs officials when individuals attempt to bring them into the United States. It may take several months and hundreds of dollars before your kitten is allowed into the country.

Abyssinian Cat Price Summary

Abyssinians can be expensive, but purchasing a kitten from a breeder or obtaining one from a shelter with no initial veterinary costs is generally cheaper than adopting one. If you are willing to pay extra for vaccinations and deworming, it is possible to purchase an Abyssinian kitten for around $400-$500, but if you want a pet quality kitten that requires little to no veterinary care, expect to pay at least $600.

When it comes to medical expenses, you should calculate at least $120 per year for basic care and emergency services. Veterinary visits can cost $100 per visit if your kitten does not require any treatment and will usually range between $150-$300 depending on the severity of the problem.

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