9 Reasons to Adopt an Abyssinian Cat

Abyssinian cat is a healthy and active animal that has its own life. They can be kept in the house without any problem if you provide them with the right conditions. Abyssinian is also an affectionate and loyal pet who loves his master madly.

Why Should You Adopt an Abyssinian Cat?

Here is some information about this fantastic cat:

1) Appearance:

A perfect example of the domestic cat in nature with all features which distinguish them from other cats. The most appreciated feature is probably their fur, short and without any undercoat.

Their coat has a rich color of brown-beige tones, with some lighter spots on the sides, chest, and belly. On its head are large tufts of hair standing upright like horns, which are called “lynx tips” (peaks).

Their large ears are very mobile and they can move them independently. Abyssinian has almond-shaped eyes of green color that catch the attention of any person who looks at it. The tail is long – about 30 cm, covered with short hair like all domestic cats, also bushes.

2) Behavior:

Abyssinian loves to play and jump from one side to another, running everywhere in the house. They are very cheerful animals that can be great company for everybody – they will never leave you alone.

Abyssinian cats may growl or even “yowl” if they feel sad, but it’s rare because they’re very happy animals and positive. They also like to eat and won’t lose their appetite any day.

3) Care:

More or less care is required for Abyssinian cats. They love when they get attention from people, so you will have to spend some time playing with them. Also, it’s recommended to do hair grooming at least once a week to avoid possible hair problems.

4) Diseases:

Abyssinian cats are very strong and healthy animals with no specific health problems, but they can be affected by some common cat diseases. That’s why it’s recommended to take the Abyssinian to the veterinarian for regular examinations.

5) Feeding:

Feeding is not a big problem because Abyssinian cats are not very picky when it comes to food. You can give them the same cat food you feed your other pets in the house, so they will be healthy and happy.

The only thing you have to remember is that a dry food diet may result in more problems with teeth than wet food, so it’s recommended to give them wet food instead.

6) Training:

Abyssinian cats are very smart animals that can adapt very well in the house of their owner. They don’t need a lot of training but they should be taught from their early days how to behave properly and not do some bad things like scratching or biting.

7) Living conditions:

If you want your cat to be happy, provide him with a room where he can keep himself clean and sleep on his own without any disturbance. It’s recommended to have two cats in the same place because they are very sociable animals – it will be good for them if they have an animal friend in the house.

Abyssinian is not an ideal animal for people with allergies because of its fur. If you are allergic, it’s recommended to avoid keeping them in your house or at least take measures like wearing masks and gloves if necessary.

8) Price:

Abyssinian cats cost about $100 on average. Sometimes you can find a better offer but it’s not very common. If you want to buy a kitten, make sure he has papers for international transport and check his health condition before making a purchase.

9) Interesting facts:

Abyssinian cats love to jump from one side to another, so they’re often called “jumper cats” or “acrobatic cats”.

Abyssinian is one of the few cat breeds that has a tuft of hair on his forehead. Some people think it’s similar to the horned cow and therefore call the Abyssinian as “horned cat”, but it’s not true.

They are very social animals that need attention from people all the time, so having them as a pet is perfect for lonely people. Also, they’re really great with children if you want your kids to have pets at home.

Abyssinian cats are one of the oldest cat breeds that were first recorded in Europe during the 19th century. They were very popular at that time but now they are not as common as other cat breeds.

There is a myth about Abyssinian – people say these cats can jump from high distances without hurting themselves, so they were called “cat devils” by many people.

The Abyssinian breed has nothing to do with the devil or demon and this myth was made up by people who wanted to scare other animals by showing how strong Abyssinian cats are.

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